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Stop Indicators

  • High-Low Rolling Range Indicators for TradeStation
    $49.00 High-Low Rolling Range Indicators for TradeStation
    The high-low rolling range indicators are a set of indicators designed to identify the highest and lowest prices over a set number of bars and establish the trading range for the period. Using these indicators traders can...
  • Moving Average Trend Indicator
    $49.00 Moving Average Trend Indicator for TradeStation
    The moving average trend indicator is designed as a visually more appealing alternative to displaying a moving average within a TradeStation chart. By monitoring where price is in relation to the moving average being...
  • Predictive Moving Average Indicator
    $99.00 Predictive Moving Average Indicators for TradeStation
    The predictive moving average indicators are designed to calculate the price required on the next bar in order for the market and a moving average, or two moving averages, to meet and potentially cross. The predictive...
  • Trailing Stop Indicator Set for TradeStation
    $49.00 Trailing Stop Indicator Set for TradeStation
    A trailing stop is commonly used as a systematic way to know when to exit a trade. As the market moves higher or lower the trailing stop follows at a predetermined level giving the market room to fluctuate and then continue...


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